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I worked in film and TV from 2009 to 2013 specializing in rotoscoping and paint, mostly on a remote basis, which ultimately led into stereoscopic conversion work on feature films. From March 2013 to December 2015, I took a break from VFX and worked in web design and development. I returned to VFX in December 2015 with a focus on compositing, and now continue to freelance as a compositor in Los Angeles and occasional roto artist. I am available to work in-house in LA or from my home, where I work primarily in Nuke and Silhouette.


Compositor - Culver City, CA

  • November - December 2018

  • February - June 2019

  • July 2019 - Present

I was hired at Zoic after they found my reel and brief interview. I did live action comp work on a Netflix series, which included extensive makeup enhancement, employing SmartVectors and SplineWarps. Lately I’ve been on a feature film, involved in a very comp-heavy sequence.


Digital Domain

Compositor - Los Angeles, CA

  • June - July 2017

  • December 2017 - January 2018

  • April - May 2018

  • August - September 2018

  • January 2019

Digital Domain has hired me several times to work in their commercials division, where I've done live action as well as full CG multi-pass compositing. While there, I've sometimes been tapped to help out on other projects they have in production.

Electric Theatre Collective

Completed live action compositing work on beauty shots using motion controlled passes for an NDA project. Also picked up a few full CG comps from another artist and worked with the client and FX artist when the direction of one shot changed significantly in the last week.

Compositor - Santa Monica, CA

  • September - October 2018

Eight VFX

Compositor - Santa Monica, CA

  • March - April 2018

I was brought into Eight in the midst of crunch time on several spots for I helped comp challenging, uneven bluescreen shots, assisted the lead in matching clouds and skies across the sequence, and worked with the lighting team to lookdev the tunnel in Worm Home.

11:11 MediaWorks

Lead Roto Artist - Remote

  • January - March 2017

  • August - September 2017

  • July 2018

I have worked for 11:11 on several features as a lead roto artist, usually working by myself on any sequences that require a hefty amount of roto, but occasionally leading another artist or two if I get overwhelmed, in which case I will QC their work.


Roto Artist / Compositor - Remote

  • Periodic jobs 2008 - 2016

I joined Authority on a remote freelance basis as a roto and paint artist. They hired me periodically for various independent film projects as well as some HGTV work, where I created many clean plates for Buying & Selling. I eventually worked my way up to compositor by the time we worked on Wynonna Earp.

The Base Studio

Lead Roto Artist - Foster City, CA

  • March - June 2011

  • June 2012 (Compositor)

At The Base, I was a roto lead on the 3D conversions of several feature films. Simultaneously, I worked on a number of commercials where I completed paint and compositing. My daily duties called for ensuring quality control across the department and filling in as roto supervisor when necessary.

Other Clients

(Bold - Multiple bookings)

Other Notable Projects


  • Nuke

  • Silhouette

  • After Effects

  • Photoshop

  • Shake :'(


  • Compositing experience, including multipass CG compositing and 3D Nuke setups.

  • General roto experience from everyday requirements to intricate and detailed crowds, hair, etc.

  • Stereo roto experience requiring breaking down objects based on depth and animating the stereo offset for each layer.

  • Stereo conversion roto – Well-versed in breaking down objects for most effective use in the dimensionalization process.

  • Paint experience using clean plating, patchwork, camera projections, and frame-by-frame cloning.